6 Recession Strategies for B2B Brands

Recessions cause marketplaces to go quiet, an opportunity for forward-thinking brands to invest in building awareness, telling stories, communicating unique value and gaining greater reputation.

Are you experiencing symptoms of brand fog?

Brand fog is something that happens to organizations over time. There are symptoms, but as time marches on, you chalk up each to just a phase, not realizing the overall impact to your business and its future.

When to Invest in a Brand Audit

Every year organizations invest in a financial audit to assess their financial health.  No one questions the good sense of a financial audit.

What is Brand Fog Anyway?

There’s an old chestnut that says a camel is just a horse designed by a committee. Brand fog is sort of the same because it’s usually the result of trying to tack on too much

The Funnel Is Dead.  Long Live the Hourglass.

To borrow from Mark Twain’s memorable response to stories of his apparent demise, rumours of the sales funnel’s death have been exaggerated.  It’s not only very much alive, it’s still a highly relevant part of any marketing and sales effort.  Now it just looks different.