Are you experiencing symptoms of brand fog?

Brand fog is something that happens to organizations over time. There are symptoms, but as time marches on, you chalk up each to just a phase, not realizing the overall impact to your business and its future. It’s critical that you proactively watch for warning signs.

7 signs you might be experiencing Brand Fog:

  1. Have your sales been flat for some time while your competitors have been growing?

  2. Do you and your colleagues struggle to answer questions about what makes your company, product or service truly different?

  3. Do your sales people insist on making up their own sales support materials because they can’t seem to use what marketing gives them? Or worse, nobody gives them anything and so they make up their own brand stories?

  4. Do you and your team spend more time trying to catch up with your competition than trying to leap ahead of them?

  5. Do you find yourself trying different messages out so that you have all kinds of online and offline content that says different things and has become out of date?

  6. Do you approach sales, marketing and product/service development through trial and error, like throwing spaghetti on a wall to see if it sticks?

  7. Do you sound like your competitors?

If you said yes to any of these, you’re likely experiencing brand fog. You’re feeling stuck and need to find clarity to articulate to your market exactly who you are, what you do really well and why it matters.

To dig deeper and find out what to do about brand fog, read “What is Brand Fog Anyway?“.

If you’re pretty certain you have brand fog and need help to sort through your symptoms and next steps, contact us to chat.

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