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It’s a Complex, Expensive Marketing World. Protect Your Brand with a Marketing Audit


Marketers and communicators are under pressure. We run at breakneck speeds, managing a million moving parts, in an effort to stay relevant. But before we can excel at using marketing to take our business forward, we need to understand exactly where we stand today. Guess work won’t cut it. Accountability isn’t optional. So, a marketing audit is the perfect place to start.

What’s a Marketing Audit?

The purpose of conducting a marketing audit is to identify waste, increase efficiencies and reveal new opportunities to drive business success. A marketing audit is a structured research exercise, built on the collection and analysis of key information and data from your internal and external business environments; things like current business, economic climate in your sector and key spaces, your competition, current activities, and the perceptions of both internal and external stakeholders.

What are the Benefits?

  • Eliminates the spending risks that come from guessing rather than knowing,
  • Provides a clear and structured snapshot of how you communicate, how your brand is perceived and where the gaps are,
  • Highlights your core strengths and best opportunities based on your business goals,
  • Provides a data-driven plan to bridge gaps and communicate with more clarity and confidence.

Protect Your Brand

Protecting your brand and its credibility through conducting a marketing audit will make your spending decisions much more evidence based and strategic. You’ll be able to confidently demonstrate the data behind your decisions to key internal and external stakeholders. Ultimately, you’ll sleep better at night and you’ll have done all you can to increase the likelihood of business success.

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