When to Invest in a Brand Audit

Every year organizations invest in a financial audit to assess their financial health.  No one questions the good sense of a financial audit.

5 Questions to Help Employees Understand Your Brand

In our first post, we talked about brand fog and the danger signs that a brand is hazy and ill-defined. There are many canaries that will alert you to the potential for lethal gas in your proverbial brand coal mine, but no bird is more effective at pointing to danger than a sales team that struggles to describe what makes your brand and your offerings different.

The Funnel Is Dead.  Long Live the Hourglass.

To borrow from Mark Twain’s memorable response to stories of his apparent demise, rumours of the sales funnel’s death have been exaggerated.  It’s not only very much alive, it’s still a highly relevant part of any marketing and sales effort.  Now it just looks different.

7 Ways to Build Brand Resilience

Resilience is the quality of bouncing back, the snapback in elastic bands and a baby’s cheek. In people, it’s the ability to survive failure or problems because their self-esteem and reputation have been honestly earned over time by repeatedly rising above challenges and working for their success.