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Should you do your own brand audit?

Should you do your own brand audit?

I’ve been blogging about brand audits lately, and the question has come up about whether an audit should be done internally or by an external group. You can certainly perform your own audit, but there is real value in having an objective brand consultancy work with you.  A company would never do their own financial […]

Why Research Matters to Your Brand

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own facts.  If you’ve decided that its time to review your brand’s performance and invest in a brand audit, then make sure you also invest in doing the research.  A good audit looks at both objective and subjective data and views the brand from a […]

It’s a Complex, Expensive Marketing World. Protect Your Brand with a Marketing Audit

Marketers and communicators are under pressure. We run at breakneck speeds, managing a million moving parts, in an effort to stay relevant. But before we can excel at using marketing to take our business forward, we need to understand exactly where we stand today. Guess work won’t cut it. Accountability isn’t optional. So, a marketing audit […]