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HostedBizz: Differentiating a commodity


The cloud service provider space is highly competitive, with many players offering similar services including cloud infrastructure, applications and storage. Competitors range from small niche to large national and global telecommunications providers.

HostedBizz is focused on providing cloud services to the small-to-medium enterprise where a lot of other providers are focusing too. As we moved through the discovery phase, we uncovered a common problem among cloud providers, one that offered an opportunity to HostedBizz.  Almost all providers branded on and sold the product category (the benefits of going to the cloud) rather than what was distinct and valuable about their own offering. The solution for HostedBizz was to be distinct and identifiable by branding on what made them compellingly special.

The choice was not about the enterprise’s desire to move to the cloud but the real concern was managing the risk of choosing the right service provider.  Moreover, risk was not defined by the choice of technology.  Rather it was about cost predictability, contracts, the Patriot Act, contract flexibility and service level agreements.

Armed with that insight, we worked with HostedBizz to develop a brand positioning that placed HostedBizz as the cloud provider that eliminated barriers and risks associated with moving to cloud and reduced the risk of choosing the wrong vendor.  In a commodity market, HostedBizz’s distinct value was as a partner that understood the full business impacts of going to the cloud.


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