When to Invest in a Brand Audit

Every year organizations invest in a financial audit to assess their financial health.  No one questions the good sense of a financial audit. It’s also important to know the health of the asset that brings in the money – your brand.  If you’re a for-profit company, then your ability to make money is directly tied […]

Kingston Frontenac Public Library Chooses Brand Clarity

We’re thrilled that we’ll be working with the Kingston Frontenac Public Library to develop a strategic communications plan to raise awareness of the library system and its importance to the city and the region. Libraries have evolved to become important portals into information and imagination, and we’re excited to help KFPL tell their stories.

A tale of two branding strategies

Nike’s, very successful. Simons’, not so much. Mixing politics into your brand campaign strategy is a risk that can truly pay off. Just ask the folks at Nike, who are still doing a victory lap over the success of their controversial Colin Kaepernick campaign. But such risk-taking with your brand can also lead to marketing […]

Why you need to tell a story to sell your brand

What’s your story in your brand strategy? Think back to something important in your life. There is a story there in your memory isn’t there? You may not remember all the facts and figures. But you remember the story — what you were doing when it happened, who was involved, how you felt and how […]