6 Recession Strategies for B2B Brands

Recessions cause marketplaces to go quiet, an opportunity for forward-thinking brands to invest in building awareness, telling stories, communicating unique value and gaining greater reputation.

Three Important Factors for Keeping Customers Loyal to Your Brand

There’s been some debate lately about whether brand loyalty is disappearing.  Some writers have tried to tie an overall decline in brand loyalty to a similar decline of loyalty in society generally. It’s a big stretch though to say that a 1% decline in a brand’s loyalty is caused by society’s rising divorce rate.  But […]

Should you do your own brand audit?

I’ve been blogging about brand audits lately, and the question has come up about whether an audit should be done internally or by an external group. You can certainly perform your own audit, but there is real value in having an objective brand consultancy work with you.  A company would never do their own financial […]