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Brand Clarity® Strategic Marketing and Communications Inc., operating as Brand Clarity®, is now a supplier under the Communication Procurement Directorate of PWGSC’s Supply Arrangement EN578-190375/003/CX to provide Communication Marketing Management Services between $25,000 and $2,000,000, including taxes.

The details are as follows:

The Statement of Work (SOW) for a Request for Proposal conducted under the Supply Arrangement could encompass strategic services in the development, execution of subsequent measuring of success of marketing strategies/plans for a variety of initiatives ranging from departmental strategies to specific services or programs.

Plans may include details for and support of activities ranging from:

  • Account Management and Coordination Services
    • Account management
    • Account coordination
  • Strategic services
    • Strategic planning and development of marketing plan
    • Synthesis of existing research
  • Outreach services*
    • Planning of outreach activities
    • Implementation of outreach activities
    • Tracking and evaluation of outreach activities
  • Experiential services
    • Planning of experiential activities
    • Implementation of experiential activities
    • Tracking and evaluation of experiential activities
  • Creative and production services in the context of a marketing strategy (e.g. marketing collaterals [digital or hard copy], Web content, etc.)
    • Creative direction
    • Graphic design
    • Copy writing and copy editing (English and French)
    • Translation, adaptation and proofreading/quality control for:
      • English or French
      • Indigenous languages
      • Other languages
    • Production management and production services for required marketing material
    • Preparation and distribution of promotional e-newsletters
  • Social media services
    • Planning of social media activities
    • Implementation of social media activities (excluding paid placement)
    • Tracking and evaluation of social media activities
  • Partnership services**
    • Identification of potential partners
    • Planning of partnership activities
    • Implementation/execution of partnership activities
    • Tracking and evaluation of partnership activities
  • Planning and implementation of promotional contests
    • Drafting rules and regulations
    • Offering turnkey services and administration of the promotional contest

*Outreach services could entail identifying influencers & stakeholders, developing a social media strategy & the distribution of marketing products to the targeted audience.

**Partnership services would entail recommending a given entity for partnership with the client, and developing a strategy for the undertaking of this partnership to achieve stated marketing objectives. The nature of the partnership itself can vary, and could take the shape of a separate contract, cost-sharing agreement, memorandum of understanding or other agreement depending on the type of entity with which a partnership is being formed. The method for identifying and determining the Client’s partner could include a call for proposal or other competitive process.

It is understood that in some instances, firms will have to subcontract portions of the work related to these services. It is also expected that few, if any individual requirements would consist of the provision of all of the services above.

Procurement and Contract templates:

Federal government departments and agencies can access the list of Supply Arrangements via the As Standing Offer and Supply Arrangement (SOSA) App.  The landing page for the SOSA App can be consulted here:

Links to the medium and high complexity solicitation and contracting templates, associated with this supply arrangement are available on Buy and Sell Canada.

For full details and to discuss your requirements, please contact:
Sandra Markus, Partner
Direct: 613-407-8195

We welcome the opportunity to assist Federal Government departments, agencies and Crown Corporations in their communication marketing management efforts.

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